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We provide jute Industries (ERP) Software and advisory services of jute Industries.

Jute Industries ERP

Jute Industries ERP

We are born on the Jute industries floor, our Jute Industries (ERP) Software is tailored specifically for the manufacturing environment..

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Online Ticketing ERP

Bus Ticketing ERP

We provide online Ticketing Management system. You can manage your Private Bus Company by multi counter in anywhere and places ..

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Accounts and Inventory

Accounts and Inventory

This ERP Solution is offering you to maintain your all kinds of inventory related business. You can easily maintain your business by this software.

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We are dedicated to provide professional touch and services for you.

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Mazand IT Jute Industries (ERP) Software. It’s not just our tagline, it’s who we are. Born on the Jute industries floor, our Jute Industries (ERP) Software is tailored specifically for the manufacturing environment. We understand jute manufacturing challenges and deliver quality solutions that allow our customers to run their businesses better, Structured on accountability. The Mazand IT Jute industries (ERP) Software system combines raw jute purchase, Grade wise Pacca jute issue to mill as per quality wise requirements, manufacturing with production planning, wages. All inventory meet by Bar Code system (Raw jute inventory, General store inventory & Finish product / pallet inventory), MIS Solution, Cutting sales management, Commercial with 100% auto generated documentation system, Bill auditing system. So our jute industries (ERP) software to improve in every aspect of your business. Come and experience the Mazand IT jute industries (ERP) Software.
Web based software that provides you route wise Scheduling, Time wise coach no., Fare management, Line expenses, Fuel expenses, Commission agent management with prepaid system, Maintenance by job card, Accounts & Inventory. This ERP software can support you for scheduling, mapping, reporting and managing of rides, clients and drivers. Supports customized set of statistics, various notifications for coordinators and drivers eliminating missed rides and errors. The Bus ERP software is easy, effective and affordable way to manage your Transportation Program. No Software to install all you need is a web browser.
We are a team of experienced consultants who have been working 10+ years in jute industries before becoming consultants. We really know how things work from your side of the desk, and having experienced a wide range of implementations of your jute factory we know not only how to effect change but how to bring the team along with it. It’s about practical hands on implementation, transferring skills and doing it all in a way that makes the change stick and become part of the norm. Our goal is to deliver benefits long after we have left.
Each assignment is tailored individually to the client, their culture and needs and what exactly will work for them. We normally work in small teams, selecting the particular technical knowledge that each consultant has to build the optimum team.

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We suggest you how to improve your business

As agents of change, Mazand IT Ltd. team understand the complexity of Jute industries roles, relationships and connections that can impact on successful outcomes. Working in small teams we’ll get close to your people, engage hearts and minds, and transfer the skills they’ll need to sustain lasting change long after we leave.

We suggest the technology affordable for you

A company’s technology should support its business strategy, not constrain it. We focus first on the strategic needs of our clients businesses to determine the technology capabilities needed to support their long-term goals. We confidently help company’s technology-related decisions and ensure their IT team and operating models are agile and effective, equipping them to cut through the noise of fleeting technology trends to create enduring results.

Mazand IT Ltd. Technical Support and Consulting Services

At Mazand IT Ltd. take pride in our ongoing commitment to both our product and our clients. From the time you make your technology partner, and through the entire relationship, an our specialist is available to assist you wherever you are, in whatever language you speak. A people company based on customer service and community input, our clients are supported through software upgrades, award-winning customer support, extensive training resources and active users meetings.

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We have perfectly work with USA and Canadian Company as well as Bangladeshi Jute industries.