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A proven, comprehensive, integrated business platform designed to manage, track, and control your business processes

Mazand IT Ltd. Jute Industries ERP gives you 360-degree insight into your daily business operations by streamlining processes across your enterprise. Mazand IT Ltd. makes you responsive and agile with fully configurable product capabilities and real-time notifications and updates. Eliminate inventory errors, improve quote accuracy, and strengthen billing processes by integrating sales and Raw Jute Purchase, finance, and fulfillment with our platform.

A COMPLETELY INTEGRATED ERP AND MANUFACTURING SYSTEM Designed with varied industry specifications in mind, Mazand IT Ltd. Jute Industries ERP comprehensive concept allows for a modular and scalable approach - eliminating costly third party applications.

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Jute industries Preparation

Mazand IT Ltd. Jute Industries (ERP) Software. It’s not just our tagline, it’s who we are. Born on the Jute industries floor, our Jute Industries (ERP) Software is tailored specifically for the manufacturing environment..

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Bus Online Ticketing ERP

We provide online Ticketing Management system. You can manage your Private Bus Company in web based..

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Accounts & Inventory Management

This ERP Solution will maintain all kinds of accounts and stock based business operation ..

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Wastage Control

From individual facilities to enterprise-wide networks, you can depend on Waste Management as your one-stop source for customized solutions that deliver bottom-line results.

Cost Analysis

A cost of Finish product analysis is a process by which business decisions are analyzed. The benefits of a given situation or business-related action are summed, and then the costs associated with taking that action are subtracted. We have ability to insure your actual finish product costing our expert people (FCA) consultants or analysts to your jute industries and submit you to an accurate Finish Product costing.

Individual Consultation

We can do your jute industries motion study which can be help you to individual machine/Frame actual production/24 hours.

Tax Management

Hire The Best Tax Consultants To Pay All Your Taxes On Time – Turn To Mazand IT Ltd. expart FCA Consultancy Services